Monday, March 28, 2011


OK well i know that i haven't blogged in a while..
so here it goes..

it turns out that my friends and I have all gotten arrested with in the past.. two weeks..

first Jerry started it.. he was out at circus.. and they arrested him for something that is dumb... lol he was in for a day and then came out.. has court next month..  not to mention that a black man was rubbing up on his ass while he was asleep.

then there is Roman, he went to Beyond Wonderland.. Got arrested for a warrant.. and then got sent to pen .. he was in for 3 days... no food.. sleeping against a wall
watching trannys make thongs and dresses outta sheets..
and wearing socks in the shower. lol ..  not to mention he got some digit while he was in there.. cuz even when we are in jail we pull LOL

and now me..
this past weekend.. i went out with
Jerry. my cousin Carlos. Tb .. we went out and it was a great time
i met up with Oh La LA  , Valentino .. boiifriend.. and others.

MR. IKEA i guy that i used to talk too was also in WeHo so we said we would meet up to say Hi. since we hadn't seen each other in about a month.

So we were at motherlode.  i told my friends  that i would go to FIesta Cantina, to say hi.. i walked out there nd said hi to him. he told me he  was going home. so i told him i would walk him to his car..
i did .
then on the way we end up getting in a fight..
cops pull up and arrest all of us. and keep us in the holding cell for about n hour and  half.
then release Mr. Ikea and myself..

we are all just real CHOLAS now
just another part of


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